Stories of Hope from South Sudan

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  • Jan

    A Warm Welcome

    The sun burns bright in the midday sky as we stand under the arms of mango trees. Hands waving and hips twisting, cheap cialis online we join our voices with the chorus of children standing before us. My almond brown shoes shuffle behind the small bare feet dancing around me. The children giggle with delight as my wife and I sing along with them. The children’s excitement is enough to make us blush and their vibrant joy is enough to make us wonder: how can so much love come from a place which has experienced so much hate?

    Learning to Count

    Learning to Count

    My wife and I have been called to serve in efforts of reconciliation in South Sudan, a nation which endured Africa’s longest standing civil war. We come to this tree each day to learn the local language, from the community, and we leave with a sense of renewed hope. Most mornings of language learning begin with prayers and conclude with praise songs led by the children. Our classroom extends past this canopy of Mango leaves into the homes and public spaces of the community. We learn from elders sitting beneath straw thatched roofs, women gathering greens for their families, and men heating bricks for their homes. They share their language and their lives. Most have witnessed tragedies that eyes should never see; some were chased into exile; and many lost their families, but all have committed to helping strangers feel loved and welcomed.

    Loving God,

    Help us to be people of faith, hope, and love in a world that needs it desperately. Help us to express your love like so many in South Sudan. Teach us to cling to the possibilities of your transforming power, and allow us to help others to do the same.In Your Loving and Welcoming Presence we pray,


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