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Pray for South Sudan

“God of reconciliation, we ask you to send your Spirit of unity and peace to guide the people and the leaders of South Sudan from violence and into the paths of peace and justice. dissertation proposal structure ” US congregations and denominations, including PCUSA, RCA and the Episcopal Church, are calling for a day of prayer for South Sudan on Sunday, February 16th. Please PRAY for the people, the government and the churches of South Sudan. In addition to prayer, please ADVOCATE for peace with the US government and GIVE to Disaster Relief efforts in South Sudan.

Here I Am

“Here I am Lord. Use me as your instrument,” stated the recently trained Peer Counselors at their commissioning service. Shelvis then asked them, “Are you resolved to serve all the people that will come to you with counseling services without partiality on the bases of cultural and tribal affiliation, religion or social status? “Yes, I am with the power of the Holy Spirit,” they responded. While commissioned only last week, the “Peer Cs” worked throughout their 6 months of training and mentoring, and have already witnessed individuals turn from suicidal thoughts, drug use, domestic abuse, and other destructive acts. Their …Continue Reading

Celebrating Jordan’s 1st Year!

Watching Jordan grow during his first year has been a gift to our family. After a premature birth in South Sudan and a medical evacuation, his progress amazes us! We thank the many people whose faith-filled prayers and loving support continue to strengthen his little body. Please join us in celebrating Jordan’s first birthday, October 20th, by contributing to the healing of other families living in South Sudan. Your gifts will provide trauma recovery support for families affected by violence in this young nation. To contribute go to:

National Day of Prayer

At a recent RECONCILE training to Address Trauma and Conflict, Women leaders committed to pray for and work to see the following: Peace in All of South Sudan Reduction of Domestic Violence Peace at the Boreholes (water source) Healing for the Sick and an End to Witchcraft Educational Opportunities Children Resolving Conflicts Peacefully Unity: Working Together to Carry Burdens July 9th marked 2 years of Independence for South Sudan, and July 8th was a National Day of Prayer. Let us join with the women of South Sudan in lifting up their prayer requests and supporting their efforts to build a …Continue Reading

RPI Graduation 2013

Leaders from across South Sudan graduated from the RECONCILE Peace Institute on the seventeenth of June 2013. buy levitra canada buy viagra from india order cialis Testimonies 2013 Participants: “I’ve come to learn a different way, not using violence all the time… Last month I signed a covenant that in all of my life I will be non-violent, and I will never fight anybody. This is one of the ways RPI has helped me. All of my life I will be struggling with the covenant. I will struggle with it because I fell in love with what is called ‘peace’… …Continue Reading

We Made it Back!

We made it back… and landed squarely on our sofa, exhausted. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who visited us and made our time in Kenya and the US wonderful, refreshing and encouraging. We are also grateful to Brooke Baldwin who invited us on her show to share about Jordan’s miracle birth and about our work with RECONCILE International. To view the interview, click here.

The RECONCILE Peace Institute

Rev. Shelvis Smith-Mather, the new principal of RPI, recruited a diverse class of students from across South Sudan for this year’s courses. RPI began in 2009 and currently offers three month certificates in Community-based Trauma Healing and Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation. Graduates from RPI return to their communities equipped with skills to address the wounds of war and build a culture of peace. Lucy Awate is a 2010 RPI alumni who currently works on staff at RECONCILE. “RPI transformed me personally, especially in regards to trauma. diflucan canada Most of us (in South Sudan) are survivors or victims. The course …Continue Reading

On the Other Side of Violence

Over the past months, images of young men with anger in their hearts and guns in their hands replaced the front-page pictures of jubilant Southern Sudanese waving the flag of a new nation. In January, Presbyterian Pastor, John Tubuwa (left), and members of his family, spent 3 weeks hiding in the woods, while his town burned to the ground. In a rush to leave, he grabbed his laptop, camera, and some medicine; the rest of his belongings were looted. “It was difficult to see the women and children, who are not used to living in the bush, laying on …Continue Reading

A Warm Welcome

The sun burns bright in the midday sky as we stand under the arms of mango trees. Hands waving and hips twisting, cheap cialis online we join our voices with the chorus of children standing before us. My almond brown shoes shuffle behind the small bare feet dancing around me. The children giggle with delight as my wife and I sing along with them. The children’s excitement is enough to make us blush and their vibrant joy is enough to make us wonder: how can so much love come from a place which has experienced so much hate? My wife …Continue Reading

Arriving in South Sudan with a Bit of Uncertainty

After struggling to get our ten heavy bags out of the airport and into the car, I paused, pondering in my mind: how am I already dirty and sunburned? Only minutes after arriving in Juba, South Sudan I found myself covered in a layer of dark-orange dust with my forearms scratched by the sun’s strong rays. Standing in a cloud of dust and heat, I surveyed the parking lot. Almost every vehicle was a Land Cruiser or some type of off-roading vehicle, reminding me that the road ahead would be rough. Really rough. I began to wonder about our decision …Continue Reading