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Harmonious and caring communities in South Sudan realizing their full potentials, living and working together in justice, peace, truth, mercy and hope.


To contribute to Nation Building by facilitating processes for equipping communities in Sudan with knowledge and skills for sustainable Peace through trauma healing, accountable governance and social transformation.

About RECONCILE International

RECONCILE International was established in 2003 as an affiliate church organization by the New Sudan Council of Churches (NSCC). The recent civil war killed an estimated 2 million people, and has had a dramatic effect upon the peoples of southern Sudan, resulting in an environment where it is difficult for communities to build trust, heal the wounds of trauma, transform conflict into peace, and promote reconciliation. We aim to contribute to Nation Building by equipping communities with knowledge and skills for peacebuilding through psychosocial rehabilitation, civic education, and advocacy. This will ultimately help to create an environment for a healthy, peaceful, democratic society.

RECONCILE’S Program Areas

Civic Education and Peace Building: Creating awareness on issues of accountable governance, democracy, and human rights and conflict transformation; educating citizens about voting and the constitution; orientation for parliamentarians to introduce them to parliamentary procedures and policy formation.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation: Dealing with reconciliation and healing of memories and wounds of war through trauma awareness and healing programs, reconciliation seminars and workshops. Training Sudanese as peer counselors to serve traumatized community members.

Intercultural/Cross cultural Exchange Learning Tours and Interfaith understanding: aims to create conditions for coexistence through: religious tolerance promotion visits, collection and dissemination of ethnological material, and training church leaders in understanding Islam.

RECONCILE Peace Institute: The RECONCILE Peace Institute (RPI), which began in 2009, runs annually and provides three months of training for religious and community leaders from across the country and beyond.  Two tracks are provided: one in the area of Peace Studies and Conflict Transformation (PSCT) and another in Community Based Trauma Healing (CBTH).  The three-month certificate is divided into six modules lasting two weeks each.  Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation (MEF) of Zambia provides accreditation for RPI’s certificate.

Mary Abuk and Community SupportInstructors for RPI are experts in their fields and come from South Sudan, other countries in Africa, North America and Europe.  RPI targets faith, community and government leaders, who are uniquely positioned to create change at both the grassroots level (with their communities) and also to transform their institutions of faith, civil society and the local government.  Participants leave the program with strategies developed to create the change they long to seek in their communities.

The RPI program contributes to the building of overall peace, by empowering participants, and secondarily communities, to create their own initiatives for peace.  Also, intensive training in an ethnically diverse learning environment, personally transforms students.  Participants spend time together in dialogue inside and outside the classroom, providing opportunities to push past prejudice and stereotypes and build meaningful bonds with peers.  These relationships create a network of support for alumni peace-building efforts.


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