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  • Jul

    RPI Graduation 2013

    2013 GradsLeaders from across South Sudan graduated from the RECONCILE Peace Institute on the seventeenth of June 2013.

    Testimonies 2013 Participants: “I’ve come to learn a different way, not using violence all the time… Last month I signed a covenant that in all of my life I will be non-violent, and I will never fight anybody. This is one of the ways RPI has helped me. All of my life I will be struggling with the covenant. I will struggle with it because I fell in love with what is called ‘peace’… This, I feel, is one of the greatest changes I will transfer to the community and most of my friends…. – Tayien Kulang Koat Wal (Jonglei, Akobo) (Above: second from left)

    “Being here is like you are brought from darkness to light…” – Peter Bida

    “In the context of South Sudan where violence is a part of daily life, where seeking revenge is the norm, it is refreshing to see a place like RECONCILE Peace Institute where people from different tribes and states can come together, learn about peace, justice, mercy and truth and practice forgiveness. It gives hope for this new nation.” – Nancy McGaughey PC(USA) Mission Co-worker (Jonglei, Pibor)

    Right now, RPI graduates’ skills and commitment to peace are desperately needed. Over this past week, violence between ethnic groups in Jonglei state claimed the lives of both civilians and combatants. To read more about this tragedy click here.